The Bel Campus University of Technology hosts the YALI RLC EA DR Congo Chapter’s office in Kinshasa

As the Partnership and Resource Mobilization chairperson and based in the Grand Katanga and Kasaï regions (center east of the Congo), I was very pleased to visit and discover for the first time our YALI RLC EA DR Congo chapter’s office during my recent stay in Kinshasa. 3 of the 5 chapter officials are based in Kinshasa, the capital city, and are most used to using the office than I and our colleague based in Mbuji-mayi (center of the Congo).

I was positively surprised to discover an outstanding infrastructure with integrated services and departments very useful for students and visitors at the university; from the Cultural center to the big conference room able to host more than 500 participants. A restaurant with facilities that allow students and visitors network around interesting local recipes identifying Kinshasa and other areas of the country.

Visiting the University’s restaurant

The Bel Campus university of Technology is a renowned institution, created in 1997, ACCUEIL – UNIVERSITE TECHNOLOGIQUE BEL CAMPUS ( which has hosted international students such as those from Angola where some of them are even public officials today; more than three thousand students have passed through its education system. It is situated on the 8th street of the Limete commune, one of the 24 in Kinshasa, towards the industrial side.

At the University’s Cultural Center in Kin

The YALI RLC EA DRC Chapter can only wish for more collaboration with this institution and launch positive initiatives supporting students and other partners and which can also be replicated in other institutions to impact more the vast Congo. Some officials of the YALI RLC EA Center in Nairobi visited the same facility during last year; glad they were satisfied.

In the University’s conference room with chapter chairperson


Agro Entrepreneur

Business Consultant

Partnership & Resource Mobilization chairperson (YALI RLC EA DR Congo : Nouvel onglet (

+ 243 993 656 038

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  1. Mupa

    Felicitations a toute l Equipe de YALI RL EA DRC pour toutes vos oeuvres impactantes pour le développement socio économique de la jeunesse.

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